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When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Posted by in HVAC Services on August 27, 2015

It’s stated that close to 70% of households in the United States have air conditioning. The increase has much to do with affordable pricing and payment plans. However, many people fail to understand what’s involved when owning a unit. You have to ensure it’s running optimal to feel the benefits and have to maintain it annually. There are other times you’ll have to simply replace your unit which depends on many factors. Here are the common reasons why you’ll want to replace your AC unit.

Not Cooling

The main reason why you’ll want to replace your AC unit is if performance is low. The main purpose of an AC unit is to cool your home and if it is no longer doing that then it’s time for you to replace your current unit. You should be able to tell if cooling is sufficient by simply checking how average cooling has been for the last couple of days in your home.

Too Expensive Repair

Your AC unit is built up of many components with some costing more then others. The coil and compressor are known to be very costly with some protection plans not covering them either. If you have a problem with your compressor or coil then it’s cheaper to replace the entire unit. If you go to your provider they’ll be able to provide a discount if you purchase a plan so this might be an option.

High Bills

You should by now know the average of your energy bills so if you see an increase then it’s time to replace the unit. The AC unit should cool when a temperature is set and if it doesn’t that means it just doesn’t have the power anymore. What happens is you keep increasing your temperature to get more cooling which will increase your overall energy bills. You can avoid this by purchasing another AC unit.

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