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How Often Should I Change My Air Conditioning Filter

Posted by in HVAC Services on August 27, 2015

This is a very common question asked by those who have a air conditioning unit within their home. The successful operation of your AC unit will depend on how often it is maintained. You have to make sure you know the right maintenance procedures as they relate to your AC filter, coil and compressor. For those of you who are constantly running your AC unit it’s important you know when it’s time to change your air conditioning filter. Below we have listed some common reasons why you should.

Slow Air Flow

If you have noticed your unit has slow air flow then it’s time to replace your filter. Overtime and constant use your filter will become clogged and this means the flow of air will be restricted. By now you should know the difference between smooth vs. slow air flow so will be able to make the distinction when it’s time.

Dust In Air

If you have been using your AC unit then over time you’ll start to notice dust in the air. This is especially true when your filter has not been changed in a long time. We recommend determining a change in the quality in your air by looking for the following: trouble breathing, coughing, sniffing and no flow in the cold air.

General Maintenance

It’s stated that every year you should have maintenance done on your AC unit. This also means that your filter must be changed every year so that air flow and dust does not build up on your filter. Many times you have a service provider who can help or contact us to find out how we can help.

Annual checking of your AC unit will ensure it’s running correctly and you’ll also find out if you should change your filter so you get proper cooling within your home.

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